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I made two wallpapers XD They're supposed to be for my friend. :S

[1280x768] [1024x768]

[1280x768] [1024x768]

Feel free to use~

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thanks so much Hon!!

They're awesome ♥ taking both, thank you very much.

these are really nice!! taking both thanks!

hi! another NEWS lover!

your fanart is really good~!

i love it.

you don't know me [obviously] but i've been stalking your journal for a while now... and it's cute!

XD just want to add you as a friend.:) you can add me back, but if you're not comfortable with a newbie like me, it's okay. just want to let you know how i love your fanworks!~


you're stalking me~XD i'm kind of happy XDDD

^___^ added you back :D

thanks for the add...XD

Cool desktops! Thank you for sharing :)

kawaii ne~

taking both of desktop backgrounds for me.thank you very much ^^

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